Audio pro addon c5 stereo pair

Audio Pro has added proper multi-room functionality to its Addon speakers, and done a fine job of it. The Addon T3 was our wireless speaker Product of the Year in and held onto its Award the following year, while the T5 earned itself a five-star review. As a producer of affordable one-box Bluetooth speakers, Audio Pro has an enviable recent history. Thanks to two new speakers, the Addon C5 and C10, plus a wireless hub named Link 1, it's now a possibility.

The new speakers are able to act as a parent and control Bluetooth-only gear through the Audio Pro app. The first of these new releases to receive the What Hi-Fi? From the front it looks identical, with its familiar eyes-and-nose configuration of a 10cm woofer flanked by 18mm tweeters. A much more common problem with multi-room apps is how buggy they can be — especially new ones that have had perhaps less time to iron out any creases.

MORE: Best wireless speakers Our suspicions are confirmed within a minute of opening track Olio. This range of speakers has always been blessed with straightforward musicality, but as part of a multi-room system the range of tasks the Addon C5 is asked to perform is likely to be wider.

Talk radio and podcasts are on the menu, perhaps even services as an upgrade to TV speakers. So let it be known the C5s most obvious talents — expressive dynamics and low-end stability — are entirely transferable. MORE: Best music streaming services See all our Audio Pro reviews.

What Hi-Fi? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Home Reviews. Our Verdict Audio Pro has added proper multi-room functionality to its Addon speakers, and done a fine job of it.

For Detailed and expressive sound with plenty of low-end positivity App is easy mechi zijazo za fa co tanzania bara use Old Addon speakers can be incorporated into multi-room system.

Against Nothing.This week we tested the Audio Pro Drumfire connected speaker, a beautiful 2. This big speaker is compatible with WiFi and Bluetooth wireless transmissions, and handles the AirPlay protocol, multiroom streaming, and a comprehensive list of music streaming services including Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer, TuneIn, and Qobuz among others.

The Audio Pro Drumfire is comprised of a 2-way speaker paired with an independent subwoofer and has much to offer. So, is this loudspeaker really as good as it looks? With over 40 years of experience in the design of active speakers for domestic use, the Swedish brand took advantage of the development of wireless transmission technologies and digital music to put its expertise to good use and design wireless audio systems.

The entire Audio Pro catalog features speakers based on the latest wireless technologies: connected speakersportable Bluetooth speakerswireless subwooferswireless hi-fi speaker s and multiroom speakers. Numerous Audio Pro speakers received awards from the specialized press, including the emblematic What Hi-fi?

This model is comprised of a two-way speaker Audio Pro D1 and a subwoofer Audio Pro DFboth covered in a leatherette finish with handmade overstiches.

This design instantly brings to mind a guitar half-stack comprised of an amp and a cab. The control interface is embedded in the top panel of the speaker and features metal buttons which are very pleasant to use. These buttons allow the user to rapidly select a source WiFi, Bluetooth, AUX, line-instart playback, adjust the sound volume, and select one of the 4 available presets.

Audio Pro Addon C5 Multiroom Speaker Review

The Audio Pro Drumfire multiroom speaker is fitted with a class-D amplifier capable of delivering up to Watts. These two drivers are loaded in a bass-reflex enclosure. This driver is also loaded in a bass-reflex enclosure with a back-firing port. As a result, it is important to make sure that the speaker is not too close to a wall or in a corner.

This configuration ensures a frequency response of 45 Hz to 22 kHz for the loudspeaker part, and of 30 Hz to Hz for the subwoofer. Better yet, the subwoofer is connected to the speaker using a detachable RCA cable, which means you can connect it to a hi-fi amplifier or AV receiver.

Once connected to the local network via WiFi or an Ethernet connection, the Audio Pro Drumfire can join a group of up to 6 multiroom compatible Audio Pro speakers. It is then possible to listen to the same track in each room equipped with a compatible speaker, or to a different track with each speaker. The real strength of the multiroom function is that it permits stereo sound restitution with a second Drumfire to enhance spatialization.

For this test, we first listened to the Audio Pro Drumfire by itself, then in stereo configuration. The Audio Pro Drumfire is very simple to set up. First, place the speaker on the subwoofer and connect them using the provided coaxial cable.

Nevertheless, we were disappointed by the cable which comes with the speaker. The quality of the connectors is far from being great and they easily bent when we moved the speaker.

We recommend using a longer and better quality subwoofer cable if you would like to move the speaker away from the subwoofer. Then, simply connect the various sources and the Ethernet cable if need be. We used a Netgear Orbi Satellite repeater placed in the same room for optimal data transmission speed. Connecting the speaker to the WiFi network is a simple operation which can be easily carried out using the Audio Pro Controller app for iOS and Android.

The connection process is the same for each speaker added to the network. The Audio Pro Controller app may also be used to set up the Drumfire.

It is possible to rename the speaker, adjust the bass and treble, program a sleep timer or an alarm. You can also stream music via the Audio Pro app, or directly via the various music streaming services using the AirPlay, Bluetooth, or Spotify Connect functions.We stand behind our products. If you cannot find what you are looking for, leave us a ticket at Service and support.

Check the volume on both speaker and phone. If there is no volume turned up on the speaker it does not matter how high volume you have on your phone, there will still not be sound. Please note that you need to remove the device completely, not only disconnect.

AUDIO PRO Addon C5 Bluetooth Wireless Smart Sound Speaker - Black

Press a clip through the small hole on the back of the remote and the front will pop up. Then you can change the battery. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that makes short-range connections between devices at distances up to 10 meters. Obstacles like walls and interference with microwave ovens can shorten range.

Your device smart phone, tablet or computer has 1 volume control, and your Audio Pro speaker has 1 volume control. Set volume on speaker to approx. It is possible that your phone or tablet is already paired to something else. Maybe you had your phone paired to a car stereo, or a speaker in another room of your house. This will reset any existing Bluetooth connections, allowing you to reconnect to your speaker.

You may also need to do pairing process again. Just like your Wi-Fi, cellphone, and other wireless signals, Bluetooth range and performance can vary depending a number of factors. Try to keep your device in the same room as your Bluetooth speaker for optimal performance. Your body makes a better door than a window. If you are in between your device and your Bluetooth speaker like if your phone was in your back pocketit may affect performance. If you have a lot of devices fighting for wireless airspace in your home, they can interfere with each other.

Airplay 2 and Google cast are not supported in current speaker-lineup. It requires different hardware so it cannot be updated with firmware. There will come new modells with this feature during Have you moved the speaker? Try to place it close to the router. As wifi networks can be affected by other networks, your network performance may change if for example your neighbours have new routers or other devices which affect your routers performance.

By its nature, wireless LAN may experience interference depending on environmental conditions. Depending on the wireless router used, some network operations may perform differently. To check the wifi strength, click thesettings icon on speaker in My Speakers view, then on WiFI strength in the menu. To adjust the Sleep Timer, click the settings icon on speaker in My Speakers view.

Follow instructions in app. Always perform setup with speaker close to your router! You can later place it where you want, and check its wifi connection strength to the router in the app.This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. All products are independently selected by our editors.

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If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission. For the uninitiated, a multi-room system means multiple speakers throughout your house. They can all play the same track, or play separate tracks in separate rooms great if Miley Cyrus isn't your thing.

All of this is controlled wirelessly using Wi-Fi with an app on your smartphone. The majority of people go for Sonos when looking for a multi-room system for their home. I get that.

audio pro addon c5 stereo pair

It's easy. Don't beat yourself up about it. I'd have probably agreed that everyone was right, had I not tested the Audio Pro 'Addon' range. The Sonos guys had the march on everyone else, but the geniuses from Audio Pro in Sweden have been quietly plotting world domination and have now managed to incorporate multi-room tech into their excellent range of wireless speaker systems, thus producing a near-perfect set-up to suit every household, and to rival the Sonos stranglehold.

At first glance, the speakers are quite utilitarian in their design, but the detailing on the leather handle and the gold buttons softened any initial feelings of brutishness. I grew to love the look of a stereo pair of them in our dining room. The sound from both the C5s the smaller model and the C10 the larger felt very self-assured, with a straightforward reproduction of what I fed them.

audio pro addon c5 stereo pair

All multi-room systems stand or fall on their software, but thankfully the app is really easy to set up. I got three rooms all playing over my Wi-Fi network in the space of 10 minutes. Not bad, huh? Good low end frequency response that's the bass, for the unitiated on both.

Bigger on the C10s naturally, but the C5's response was tight, and fine for a small room, although with a sub they'd be a great match. For most houses one speaker per room will suffice, but you could buy a pair and make a stereo system in the living room. If you have a larger room, a pair of the larger C10s will easily give you floor-shaking sound when you need it. But there's even more to this story, because if like me you have existing stereo or Hi-Fi equipment that you'd still like to use, then you can incorporate that into your set-up.

Either plug your turntable or CD player into the aux input on a C5 or C10, or buy a Link 1 multi-room player pictured here also and you'll soon be streaming Frank Sinatra's 'Songs for Swingin' Lovers!

It worked incredibly well on test and, again, makes this range my choice for a multi-room set-up at home. They can all be purchased directly from audiopro. By Rita Konig. By Charlotte McCaughan-Hawes. Rita Notes: how to choose and use rugs. Rita Konig's guide to decorating Rita Notes: how to choose and use rugs. By Rita Konig 4 items. News An exhibition celebrating the history of textiles has opened at Two Temple Place.

News Russia and China are soon going to have the world's first border crossing by cable car.In Stock.

FREE delivery available. Optimised acoustic design gives you clear, dynamic audio with deep bass — enjoy your music in high quality. It's also compatible with non-Bluetooth devices thanks to the auxiliary and RCA inputs - just plug in and play.

audio pro addon c5 stereo pair

Multi-room streaming capabilities Place multiple Pro Audio C5, C10 or Link1 speakers each sold separately around your home and connect them over WiFi to play music in a number of rooms.

It's perfect if you're throwing a party or just want your favourite albums to follow your around the house. You can set each speaker to play a different song in every room, or group your speakers to hear the same music in each space. Music streaming Select your music service of choice and stream your favourite playlists in seconds. There's even a WiFi preset on the speaker that remembers up to four of your chosen playlists or stations. Minimal design Stark black design gives the speaker an eye-catching look whilst retaining enough minimalism to fit into any set up.

Aluminium details and genuine leather handles add aesthetic style to quality audio. Free Audio Control app Download the free Audio Control app to your smartphone and enjoy full mobile control. You'll have access to playlists and controls such as volume, stereo settings and more. If your mobile's running out of battery you can also use the speaker's USB port to give it a quick charge. There are currently no product reviews. Write Review. You May Also Like.A small and easy to place multiroom stereo speaker.

Have a speaker in every room and play to one or all at the same time. Everybody can play their personal music on which ever speaker they want. Play from internet streaming services, from a computer or NAS in your network, or music on your phone. All controlled by our "easy-to-use" app. Multiroom sound and multi person usage.

Play all together. Or not. You choose. No need to start fiddling with your phone, just push and play.

Best multi-room system

Save your favourite radio station or playlist to a button simply by pressing it while playing content. Still love your vinyls? Is your CD-library packed with that special kind of music?

No problem. Just connect your turn table or CD-player to a C5 or C10 speaker, and let the sound stream wirelessly to all the speakers in your setup. Old School is the New Cool. This is my second product from audio pro after an Addon C Great sound for such a small speaker. Bought 2 for stereo pair. Hardware is perfect as is the sound quality. Also, you cannot choose stream quality in Tidal which is ridiculous.It's undoubtedly a very stylish speaker, but does its performance live up to the look?

We put the Addon C5 to the test in another of our in-depth reviews- read on to find out what we thought of it. Related: Top 10 Best Multiroom Speakers of Audio Pro have developed a very distinctive design for their Addon range. With twin tweeters either side of a large central woofer, the C5 looks a little like a koala. We're big fans of this approach, since it gives the speaker plenty of personality while still being unobtrusive.

Available in whiteblackgreyor pinkit boasts a stylish Scandinavian design with a fresh, modern feel. On the top, there's an aluminium control panel, which is coloured to complement the design of each particular model.

Along with a large volume control button, there are also controls to change the source, play and pause music, and some presets which we'll come to later. To top it all off, there's a neat leather handle embossed with the Audio Pro logo for the perfect finishing touch. Don't get us wrong- we absolutely love the Addon C5's portable sibling, the C3.

But when it comes to sound performance, the C5 blows it out of the water. Since it lacks the built-in battery, there's more space inside for audio hardware.

It offers a whopping 40W total output, compared to the C3's 25W- so it's more than capable of filling larger rooms with superb sound. That huge woofer on the front isn't just for show. It gives the C5 great control over bass tones for a really punchy sound.

The twin tweeters, meanwhile, ensure that high-end doesn't get lost in the mix, while also giving the overall sound a good wide spread. As well as great sound, the Audio Pro Addon C5 also comes loaded with useful features. First and foremost, the Audio Pro Addon C5 is a multiroom speaker. That means it can pair up with other compatible Audio Pro speakers, and control everything via a mobile app.

We found the app really easy to use, and while it was a little laggy at times, overall it works well. You won't spend that much time in the Audio Pro app itself, as the actual music is controlled via your preferred streaming app. Besides multiroom, the Addon C5 also includes a wide range of other connectivity options. It also works as a Bluetooth speaker for easy pairing, and in testing we found that it had no problem connecting to a smartphone.

It also includes Spotify Connect, meaning you can stream music directly through the speaker itself. And for wired devices, there's a line-in port on the back, and a 3. Apparently, if you already have Audio Pro Bluetooth-only speakers, you can control these by pairing them up with the Addon C5. We were unable to test this ourselves, so we can't confirm it.

These can be used to save specific playlists or albums, as well as internet radio stations. That way, you can instantly listen to your favourite content without even having to take your phone out of your pocket.

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