Fallout 76 key to the past level

Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities. Did you think befriending a Deathclaw was the last of your silly errands in attempt to please Rose? Jokes on you buddy, this time it's a bit less ridiculous but just as long.

The objective for this quest is to find five fragments of a password to open a Raid Cache of treasure. Head south of the Top of the World to reach the Blackwater Mine. There will be a Terminal just inside that you'll be able to access. Select any of the first two entries to complete the primary objective, then continue deeper into the mine. There will be an irradiated woman called Freddie Lang that you'll need to kill to acquire the mine's Key Fragment.

Fallout 76 – Key To The Past Walkthrough

Once you do, kill her, grab it, and leave the mine. Head east of where you're currently located to find a Trapper's Camp on the Devil's Backbone. Once you arrive, you'll notice a Super Mutant Group hit the camp and took the person carrying the Key Fragment you need, so continue on to Huntersville by following the road to the west. Sunnytop Ski Lanes is where you're heading next, which is conveniently located north of the Savage Divide.

Several enemies will inhabit the area, and you'll have to carefully maneuver around the area extremely carefully as not only are there enemies to look out for, but a lot of explosive traps as well. Enter through the front entrance, keeping an eye on the Punji Board in front of the door, and take a left. From here, just clear the rooms of Super Mutants until you reach the objective.

Key to the Past

You'll unlock Margie Mcclintock's Holotape at the objective which, after listening to, head across the lodge and downstairs. You'll find a terminal on a lower floor that you can access, then selecting "Inbox" and then subsequently "Admin Password". This is how you learn that the Margie's group's Key Fragment has been destroyed. Bad news for you but the good news, is that there's a way to duplicate it by inserting the Palace Admin Password into the Holotape Duplication Terminal.

This creates the Diehards Key Fragment. Head over to Bolton Greens to find notes on the next Fragment. Upon arriving enter the building and on the top floor, you'll find Gourmands Note, which tells you to find the Gourmands' Key Fragment in a place called the Wendigo Cave near to the Savage Divide.

☢ Fallout 76 🤯 - Key To The Past Complete - 🔑

You can reach this cave by heading northeast from the Top of the World. Enter the cave to find a very tough area full of difficult enemies.

It is a pain, but you must proceed to find the Gourmands Key Fragment so take on this almost-literal hell hole slowly, ensuring you deal with enemies as you go. Upon arriving, you'll be greeted by the not-so friendly local Feral Ghouls. Take enough of them down and you'll find David Thropewho has become a Scorched boy. Kill him when you get the chance and loot the Cutthroats Key Fragment.

After having collected all the Fragments, return to speak to Rose and like the incredible android she is, she'll give you more tasks to complete. This one will involve locating the body of a woman named Rosalynn in Charlestonin the Charleston Capitol Buildingwhich once again is a lovely place filled with various hazards and enemies that are up to no good.

You'll find a Terminal marked of course in the basement of this building, which has an entry on "Doe, J". There is also a Holotape on the table in the middle of the cell room that explains how Rose became a Miss Nanny, if you're interested on some lore on the robot sending you on a wild goose chase. Once you arrive, enter the basement. You'll find a locked door down here, which you can unlock by finding the Raider Cache Keycard under the doormat. Enter the room to "complete" the quest, but before you leave to continue The Missing Linksave yourself some trouble and grab the Broken Uplink in the back left corner of the room.

So I put this one off and did some side quests and now it's not even showing this one anymore. Anyone got some tips? Sign In Help Sign Out.This quest will take you through already explored and new locations. Head to the objective marker and enter the Blackwater Mine.

Use the terminal inside and select any entry except for the last one to complete the objective. Once you have it, leave the mine. In the center of the town, you will find a body of Walter Griswold and grab the fragment. Now head to the Sunnytop Ski Lanes and it will be crawling with enemies. Go through the entrance and take a left and the objective marker will lead you to a room.

Listen to the Holotape and then go to the opposite end of the lodge. Head downstairs and there will be a terminal at the far end. Now you need to get to the Palace of Winding Path and you will find the Admon Password in a dresser inside the palace.

Now you need to look for some notes around Bolton Greens. Get there and head to the top floor and find the Gourmands Notes. Head to the Wendigo Cave and you will have a lot of fighting to do. Fight your way through the cave to get to your objective and get out of there are quick as possible. David Thrope is now a scorcher and you will kill him. Loot his body for Cutthroat Key Fragment.

It is a very dangerous place so be prepared. Head to the Charleston Capitol Courthouse and head down the basement and used the marked terminal.

Select the entry Doe. J and get in the room behind the terminal. Now head east to the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort and enter the resort and then to its basement.

The door will be locked and the key in under the mat. Enter the cache to complete the quest. To obtain the first key fragment you need to look for the body of Freddie Lang inside the Blackwater Mine.

Head to the mine, which is located east of Whitespring Resort. The outside of the mine is likely to be guarded by some Miner Moles and occasionally even a high level Glowing Miner Mole.To obtain the first key fragment you need to look for the body of Freddie Lang inside the Blackwater Mine. Head to the mine, which is located east of Whitespring Resort. The outside of the mine is likely to be guarded by some Miner Moles and occasionally even a high level Glowing Miner Mole.

They can be avoided by simply running into the mine, but if you want to loot the area you will probably have to clear them out.

Once inside the mine you can grab some quick loot from the rooms to your immediate left and right. There is a bobby pin box in the office on the left, and if you use the stairs to get on top of the office there is a safe that can be lockpicked. Once you are ready to explore the mine follow the train tracks down the shaft. You will encounter some Radrats in a junk filled room. Once past that room you will find a split path. Heading forward will take you across a rads riddled bridge to a dead end and some more Mole Miners.

There is some minor loot you can get in the dead end, and there are also some workbenches you can use to scrap any random items if you need it. Heading into the hallway on the left will guide you to a large room filled with Mole Miners. These Miners are fairly threatening, wielding shotguns and powerful melee weapons. There isn't much space in the mine, so it is easy to get caught in a close quarters battle. Lead them up the mine shaft if you need to create some distance.

Clear them all out, scrap whatever items you need to, then follow the quest marker to the glowing green corpse of Freddie Lang to loot the Blackwater Bandit's Key Fragment. Next up is the Trapper's Key Fragmentwhich you will need to visit multiple locations to obtain. Trapper's Camp is not a Locationso you won't be able to warp there and it can be hard to find. I recommend going south of the radio array without heading down the cliffs, then approaching the camp from the west side.

This lets you avoid most of the traps set at the entrance.

Once inside the Trapper's Camp grab whatever loot you want then follow the quest marker to the Trapper's Note. This note will tell you to go to Huntersvillea town located west of the Trapper's Camp. Either teleport to a nearby location or follow the road up the cliffs to reach the town. The key is found on Walter Griswold 's corpse in the middle of town.

Unfortunately the town is overrun with Super Mutants, so you will have to deal with them before you get your prize. Once you have killed all the Super Mutants and looted the town to your content, grab the Trapper's Key Fragment off Walter's body. But be careful, grabbing the key activates a time bomb, so run away as soon as you've got it. With the second key fragment in hand it is time to go after the Diehard's, which again requires visiting multiple locations.

To get there easily simply fast travel to the observatory then follow the train tracks north. As usual the location is overrun with Scorched and possibly a few Ghouls and Radrats. Clear them out as you explore the buildings, and grab whatever loot you like. Follow the quest marker into a small room with a computer terminal.This time Rose needs you to undertake the Fallout 76 Key to the Past main quest.

Fortunately, this is the last quest that you need to complete for Rose before you finish The Missing Link, following Signal Strength and Flavors of Mayhem.

To complete this quest, you need to reassemble a key; one that was divided into five pieces by the old Raider gangs. Each of the gangs kept one of the five key fragments for themselves:.

Your first objective is to trek out to Blackwater Mine to check a terminal. Like many mines, the place is likely full of Mole Miners. When you enter, look for the terminal near the entrance and read either of the first two options. Once you have the Blackwater Bandits Key Fragment, you can head back to the surface. Unfortunately, the place was attacked by Super Mutants, who have absconded with the key fragment. Beware, however!

The body is booby-trapped. If you have at least Perception 2 the game will notify you. You can either seize the key and run or try to disarm it.

fallout 76 key to the past level

Whatever the case, a mini nuke will detonate in 30 seconds, so be quick! From Huntersville, you need to make a long trip north to Sunnytop Ski Lanes. If you follow the train track from Top of the World, the site is near the end, southeast of the Palace of the Winding Path. Sunnytop, like Huntersville, is filled with Super Mutants, so approach with caution. Be on the lookout for traps, as the Super Mutants have rigged more than a few missile launchers on tripwires and hanging grenades!

Fight your way through the super mutants to reach the objective room inside. Listen to this, then head across the lodge and down to the lower floor in search of a terminal. The Diehards Key Fragment has, unfortunately, been destroyed. When you arrive, head through the main entrance and search a dresser to find the Palace Admin Password. With this, you can access a Holotape Duplication Terminal located on the floor below.

This site can be found southeast of Vault 76 close to the border with the Savage Divide. This cave is in the Savage Divide, northeast of Top of the World. The Wendigo Cave is something of a maze, and filled with Mirelurks.Key to the Past is a main quest in Fallout Return to Rose so that she can produce a "master key" from those key fragments.

Then search for information on Rosalynn Jeffries at the Charleston Capitol Building and finally go to the basement of the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort to find a raider cache storeroom with various loot. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Infobox incomplete. The infobox template in this article is missing some required data. You can help Nukapedia by filling it in. Contents [ show ]. Stage Status Description Log Entry? Speak with Rose Rose has something to tell me at the Top of the World.

Check the Terminal at Blackwater mine Rose told me about the Raider cache filled with treasure. The key was split into 5 passwords contained on holotapes, which need to be pieced back together to make the Master Key used to open the cache.

First, I need to search for clues about the Blackwater Bandits' key. I may be able to find the key on her body. Go Outside the Mine Entrance I need to leave the mine through the front entrance so Rose knows I successfully found the key fragment, and she can tell me where to go next.

Rose said the Trappers had disappeared, leaving nothing behind. I should check for notes or other clues as to their whereabouts at their camp. The body will probably be there somewhere. Hopefully, the key is with it. Now, I need to search for clues to find the Diehards' key. Listening to Margie's holotape may provide clues to its whereabouts.

Read Vincent's Terminal It sounds like Margie destroyed her holotape. This could be a dead end. Margie's holotape mentions that someone named Vincent might have a contingency plan.

It's my only lead. Get the Admin Password Vincent's terminal mentions that the palace of the Winding Path had asystem for preserving and duplicating a backup for holotapes. I'll need the admin Password for their machine though, which is tucked away in a secret compartment. Duplicate the Diehard's Key Fragment I found the password for the holotape duplication machine. I should just be able to create a new one from their backup.

Fallout 76 Main Quests #11: How to Complete Key to the Past

I need to find out what happened to the Gourmands at Bolton Greens and track down their key fragment. Find The Gourmands' Key Fragment According to a note left behind, the Gourmands' leader was driven out for turning on their own.Key to the Past is a quest in Fallout In order to find out precisely what Hank Madigan was up to, the dwellers need to find the keys that belonged to the five raider gangs and bring them back to old Rose.

She will be shadowing them like a vacuum-tubed hawk from her perch atop the Top of the World.

fallout 76 key to the past level

Sign In. From The Vault - Fallout Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Fallout 76 main quest. Entrance to the cache. Once all the pieces are collected and Rose sends the player on the red herring chase to Charleston, the keycard is found under the doormat before the door.

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Ensure your survival by bringing down the radiation levels as much as you can before engaging in combat. Use Radaway to remove the Rad damage you acquired before and after the fight with Freddie Lang. She will be dealing lots of Rad damage, and having lots of Rads will not let you get back to full health. Combat her from a distance with rifles to stay clear of the radiation.

fallout 76 key to the past level

They don't call him the Trapper for nothing! The area is filled with traps that will damage you if you are not careful! Keep your eyes on the floor and watch your step to avoid the traps! Spotting and disarming traps will not only let you avoid getting damaged, but will also net you some XP!

fallout 76 key to the past level

You can disarm a trap by going near it, and pressing the prompt on-screen. You can even shoot the traps to break it too. Huntersville will be located just West of where you are from the Trapper's Camp. Just get through the mountains, and you will find yourself at the entrance of Huntersville! Huntersville will feature a lot of Super Mutants that stand between you and the Key Fragment. Make sure to keep a safe distance between you and the enemies so that you won't get overwhelmed!

It will be on top of a large hill so if you notice yourself climbing to get there, you're on the right track! You will need to get down of the large hill from where the ski lanes are located to get to this place! Make sure you are well-equipped before going here!

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